RANV Summer Picnic

August 6th, 2005
Kill Kare State Park

Some thirty RANV members and family got together for our Summer Picnic (the 14th annual!) at Kill Kare State Park. The weather was postcard perfect!

W1NVT was on the air with 3 stations: 40 meter SSB, 20 meter SSB and PSK and 2 meter FM. In the latter part of the day, a small reconnaisance group boated over to Burton Island for a small DX and Cache Expedition!

Attendees included: AA1SU AB1DD K1HD K1KD K2KBT KB1EZC KB1EZD KB1EZE KB1FRW KB1JOO KB1LAX KB1LIE KB1MNJ KC9CDJ N1BQ W1DEB W1SJ W1SLR and 9 other unlicensed family members.

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Group shot with about half the gang shown. AA1SU is working the pileups as K2KBT is working on lunch.
W1SLR works on the food and N1BQ works on 40m. Notice food is much larger than radio! KB1FRW running PSK-31 as KB1MNJ looks on.
Another group shot with K1KD and K1HD anchoring the left and right. KB1FRW still on PSK with KB1LAX lending moral support. AB1DD talking to Park workers KD5OSN and KD5OSM
Not to be done by their geeky Spouses and SO's, Geekettes KBKBT-sp, KB1JOO-so and W1DEB play with their laptop. Sideways, no less! RANV DXpeditionary Force boarding the boat to Burton Island!
Landing at the DXPedition site! View of Ball Island from the SW Point of Burton Island.
View of St. Albans Bay with Bellevue Hill in the distance. AB1DD Marine Mobile.

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Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont

August 8, 2005