RANV Summer Picnic

August 3rd, 2003
Knight's Point State Park

Thirty RANV members and family got together for our Summer Picnic (the 12th annual!) at Knight's Point State Park. Although there were weather forecasts of rain, the group was undaunted and it turned out to be a hazy, hot, summer day. Four stations were put on the air: W1NVT 20 meter SSB and PSK, N1BQ 40 meter SSB, KB1FRW 6 meter and N1ZBH 2 meter. The fox hunt had 3 hidden transmitters and 8 hunters!

Attendees included: AA1SU K1HD KB1EZC KB1EZD KB1EZE KB1FRW N1ALX N1BQ N1LXI N1QKH N1UR N1ZBH N1ZRA N1ZUK W1DEB W1DEC W1KR W1RL W1SJ W1SLR and 10 other unlicensed family members.

The New RANV Banner welcoming the gang

Brian N1BQ and Debbie W1DEB. Bob KB1FRW's Father-in-Law in the distance to the left

Sara W1SLR, Sophie and David W1KR (dad of Sophie)
Sophie stares at the bread while Sara W1SLR watches
Mitch W1SJ watching while Paul AA1SU operates W1NVT
(DX-70T, wattmeter, battery, tuner, 20m Dipole up 70')
Moe N1ZBH setting up the VHF station

Thanks to Bob KB1FRW for the pictures.

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Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont

August 6, 2003