RANV Summer Picnic

August 4, 2001
Knight's Point State Park

QRP Disciples
Bill KB1GXE,
Eric N1SRC and
watch master QRPer
Brian N1BQ

Bill KB1GXE and
Steve KB1GRJ
watch Brian N1BQ set up the QRP Station (FT-817, battery, solar panel, 30' of wire into tree)

QRP Station (N1BQ) in Foreground,
QRO Station (W1NVT)
in Background (left)
and the inviting waters of Lake Champlain beyond.

Mitch W1SJ puts rare Grand Isle County on the air. Paul AA1SU programs Richard WN1HJW's UHF radio as Karen looks on. Jeff W1RL and Dave W1DEC off to left.

Mitch W1SJ and Paul AA1SU at W1NVT portable
(DX-70T, battery, tuner, 20m Inverted V up 50') Additional antennas in picture were used for satellite operations!

Thanks to Fred N1ZUK for the pictures.

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Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
August 10, 2001