RANV Provides Communications for the Essex Memorial Day Parade, May 25, 2002

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Parade Line-Up. In 15 Minutes, we had to get this mob organized into marching divisions. What a job! Parade Line-Up, included Tractors, Hearses, Trucks, Fire Engines and anything with wheels.
A hazard of this job is getting your head bit off by a 3-million-year-old sea monster. W1DEB and Champ, laughing at the previous picture.
Some of the strange vehicles we had to deal with. We never knew if it was coming or going. Some of the strange people we had to deal with!
W1DEB considering a career in the Fire Department. The RANV Float, with antenas for 40M, 2M, 70cm, Repeater, Strobe light and Bullhorn!

Photos by W1SJ

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Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
July 23, 2002