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Our December 12th Main Event!

Be sure to join us at the RANV Holiday Party, Saturday December 12th starting at 5PM.

It is important to have the right attitude for a PARTY. If you turn on the Zoom meeting for 45 minutes a nd then bag out and have the same supper you have any other night of the week, then this will be nothing more than a plain old boring Zoom meeting. Don't do that.

However if you treat this special and plan a real nice meal, set up in a nice room in the house (for the love of God, don't hole up in the basement!), and include family with you this will be more like a joyous gathering. We will have breakout rooms for the group to have more intimate conversation. We will have demos. We will have on-air activities. We will have a sing-along (no - just kidding - wanted to see if you are paying attention). But please do bring pictures and videos to share.

The Zoom meeting opens at 5PM. You should have the ID number already. We suggest dinner hour to be at 6. And at 7:00, we'll have our post-dinner activities.

It ain't much of a party if you ain't there. So get your butt on Zoom this Saturday night!



After long consideration I have decided to step down as president of Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont, effective with finding a replacement or in December of 2021.

It has been 10 years as President and 6 years as Vice President dating back to 2003 with quite a number of Field Days and Hamfests, I had a good time with these events and a several portable activities such as National Parks On The Air and Vermont Parks On The Air. I am retiring at some point in the not to distant future and want to pursue other interests. It has been a fun time and I appreciate all the support you have all given over the years. The Board of Directors is looking for anyone who would like to take on this position, if that is you please contact anyone of the board, our contact info is in this newsletter and at on the home page.


Mitch W1SJ

Have you noticed that some of the dead bands are starting to come out of hibernation? During much of the spring and summer, HF was a 2-band affair: 20 or 40 meters. The higher bands were anemic or just plain dead. Over Thanksgiving, I heard mention of 12 meter openings. This is a focus band for me as it is the last one I need for 9-band WAS and DXCC. So, I fired up the radio on 12 meter FT8 and let slip the pileups of war. After a couple of days, I banged out a bunch of needed states and only Hawaii is missing. I also increased the DXCC total by 50%. In tuning the FT8 frequencies across the HF spectrum, there was activity during the day on all bands between 10 and 40 meters. It was expected that 10 meter openings will continue throughout the week and into this weekend's 10 meter contest. But not so fast! As we go to press (December 8), 10 meters is dead and 12 meters is barely hanging on by a thread. What will happen this weekend? Get on and find out!

This past weekend was the 160 meter contest. The big news locally was the turnout of Vermont stations - the most I've ever heard of. Joining me were big scores from N1UR and K1EP, who operated remotely into K2LE's station in southern Vermont. But we also had a big turnout from RANV, including AA1SU, K1VMT, K1ZK, KE1VT and K1LOL and I also heard or worked W1EAT, KB1VP, N1SP, W1IL and NA1VT. The big rates and big Vermont turnout could be due to the Covid effect as everyone has been shackled in their shacks.

There are plenty of opportunities to get on and make contacts. This weekend is the 10 meter contest (phone and CW) and 2 weeks after that is the Stew Perry Top Band contest on December 26th. In January, there are a couple of NA QSO Parties on the 2nd and 3rd weekends and the CQ 160 Contest at the end of the month. Finish off those antenna projects before the snow flies! Oops - I just glanced out the window and all is white!


Mitch W1SJ

A great effort, even if we missed the 3-peat by 600 points, or 150 digital QSO's. If we made our GOTA QSO's on FT8 instead of phone, we would have had it. But we had 1 of only 60 GOTA stations in the whole event. And with a 6th place overall finish and number 3 in total QSO's (didn't miss #2 by much), we have to be pretty satisfied. Great job everyone! And congrats to WN4AFP and his group in SC who pulled a 4th place 2A finish. Go here for results:

RANV Meeting Minutes November 10, 2020

Duane Sherwood WL7CVD, Secretary

Regular Meeting
There were about 15 in attendance via Zoom including the three club officers.

Official Business Elections Results
The slate of uncontested officers was elected as follows:
Bob Allen, KB1FRW, President;
Jim Hedfferon, KE1AZ, Vice President / Treasurer;
Duane Sherwood, WL7CVD, Secretary.

A full election report has been submitted for publication in the newsletter. Announcements, various upcoming contests and events were mentioned. Bob KB1FRW will give the presentation for the January meeting. The annual holiday party will be on Saturday, December 12th starting at 5:00 PM.

Joe K1VMT overcame some initial technical difficulties and gave a presentation on his station and history as a radio amateur. He talked about the various radios he has used, which stimulated some discussion with others who were familiar with the models he mentioned. He made his first contact on 4/13/1965 using 13 watts. He has worked all counties in the USA.

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