Early Field Day Pictures

Field Day has been held at the Redmond Road Site since 1984. That year, the Silicon Junction Radio Club of IBM Burlington got together and held Field Day at the old Redmond Farm House and Barn (across the street from the present site). The phone yagis were mounted right next to the farmhouse, the CW station was further north down the road and the Novice station was in the backyard of the farmhouse. From 1985 until 1991 we used the distinctive callsign K1VT. In 1992, we moved to the present location and used WT1L until 1996. In those years, Field Day was a joint venture between SJRC and RANV. Starting in 1997, we used the RANV club callsign of W1NVT.

Over the 20 years, the various groups have always operated 2A and have been very successful, with 4 first place, 4 3rd place and 16 top ten finishes out of some 400-500 entries in the 2A category.

Here are some pictures of the people and stations from those earlier days.

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1990: Monobanders on 20 and 15 on a 32' ladder. The small green tent was used for the station. The cw and phone tents were swapped in the mid-90's 1990: CW Station and 30' ladder with tribander and dipole. Lou W3LPR guards the station.
1990: Novice station, sporting 4 element monobander on 10 meters. 1990: Chris KA1VEY (now WT1L) and Greg N1FKV on Novice CW. Both have "grown up" and are much larger today!
1990: Howard NW1N waves while Chris N1DKS pounds away on 20 meters 1990: Lloyd WA1PRY (now N1WX) logging while Howard NW1N runs phone
1990: Power station. This Honda was very quiet and ran all weekend on this jury-rigged gas tank 1987: Power station. Older generator - very reliable, very noisy. Same gas tank, but before it was painted!
1987: Mitch WB2JSJ (now W1SJ). Notice fixed mic instead of present boom headset and paper logging instead of a computer. Look at the size of that dupe sheet! 1987: Mitch WB2JSJ operating and Geoff AB2L trying to keep the dupe sheet up. Geoff was the phone 2nd op for many years.
1987: Mitch WB2JSJ still making contacts (and smiling) while Fram AD2Y calls up the CW station on the telephone! Fram is one of our CW operators! 1987: Randy KA1LEX worked all sorts of contacts with this tremendous satellite station in the back of the van.
1991: Brian WA1LIR (now K1LI) poses in front of the CW station. Brian was the CW operator for many years. 1987: Pete AE1T runs up the QSOs on CW on a TS-820.
1984: Mitch WB2JSJ on phone, which sported a TS-130 with a TS-520 backup. The wattmeter shows us barely making 100 watts! 1984: Brian WA1LIR and Fram AD2Y on CW using the venerable Colins S-Line. Note open power supply on floor!
1984: Mitch WB2JSJ in the outhouse. A severe housing shortage required moving the phone station to this humble facility. Or, would you believe that this is the natural power station? 1973: A very young WB2JSJ running 20 meters on a Hallicrafters SX-150 from the Radio Society of Greater Brooklyn FD (WB2NRP) from Floyd Bennett NAS (now Gateway National Park) in Brooklyn!

Photos by many!

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July 31, 2003