Located in Williston, Vermont

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Jim N2EA runs 'em on 40M CW. Jim N2EA running while Brian K1LI searches KT34 tribander at 60 feet on 20M CW.
Master phone op Mitch W1SJ running the pileups on 20M SSB. Mitch W1SJ tuning and sending CW with his famous cross-arm technique on the FO-29 satellite. The satellite antenna rotator crew.
Dave KB1YGP and coach Jeff N1YD at the GOTA station. Andy KB1ZXQ and coach Kathi K1WAL at the GOTA station. The home of the GOTA, VHF and Satellite stations.
Bob KB1FRW relaxing during the non-existent 6 meter opening. Jeff N1YD showing off the educational demonstration.
Nancy NK1A. Spence KB1PDW. Dave KB1YGP, Jeff KB1PDW, Bob KB1FRW.
Jeff N1YWB, Adam KB1LHB, ?. View of the North site looking toward the CW station.

Photos by KB1JME

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September 23, 2013