Located in Williston, Vermont

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Jeff running 'em on 10 meters. Mitch holding monster rates on 15 meters.
The phone antenna stack: 15m at 60', 20m at 50', 10m at 20'. A jumble of yagis gis responsible for the big signal on phone. This is a serious contesting zone and ragchewing is simply not allowed.
The big stick on 20 meter CW. Night shot of the CW station.
Howie holding down the 15 meter CW pileups. Paul AA1SU on 20 meter CW in the wee hours. Paul AA1SU is a study of concentration.
Visitor Alex shows perfect phone operating form on the Satellite Station. Vermont State Senator Virginia Lyons visits with Paul AA1SU at the CW station.
Jeff N1YD and coach Jim KE1AZ maintaining the 10 meter run at GOTA. Jeff N1YD and coach Bob KB1FRW working 20 meters through the night. Jerry KB1KPO shows off his two-finger typing technique during the 10 meter pileup on GOTA.
Barb KB1LIF looking for new ones on 6 meters. Barb KB1LIF and Jerry KB1KPO managing the 6 meter pileup.
Rainbow over Field Day: 15 Meter Tower. Rainbow over Field Day: RF zorch between CW and GOTA stations. Rainbow over Field Day: GOTA station.

Photos by W1SJ and K1WAL

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Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
July 23, 2011