Located in Williston, Vermont

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Mitch W1SJ holding court on the 15 meter pileups. Jeff N1YWB keeps the torrid pace up on 20 meters.
Nancy NK1A on 20 meters on GOTA station with "coach" Vinnie KB1RRF Side shot of GOTA station with Vinnie KB1RRF, Nancy, NK1A and Glenn KB1UCO watching.
Brian N1BQ waiting for that elusive opening on 6 meters.. Paul AA1SU demonstrates his prowess on 6 meter CW as Vinne KB1RRF and Brian N1BQ looks on.
Brian N1BQ and Vinnie KB1RRF on VHF with Jeff N1YD and Chuck KB1RQX checking harmonics at the educational demo. Kathi K1WAL showing pictures (probably not FD pictures) to Doug N6PRT
The magic fingers of CW Op Mike K1TWF. That's all we got a picture of. Superstition has it that taking pictures of CW ops is bad karma and ruins the rate! The 3 towers of Babel, or of W1NVT. Antennas are 3-el 20, 4-el 15, 3-el tribander and 80/40 dipoles in the middle.

Photos by W1SJ

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Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
August 2, 2010