Located in Williston, Vermont

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The setup crew is dwarfed by the monster 4 element 204CD CW yagi as it goes up. Detail of the erection of the GOTA tower with 15 and 6 meter yagis. John K1JCM on the ladder and Moe N1ZBH on the ground.
Doug AB1T appears happy with the CW rate. Howie K2MME on CW, as seen on TV and later YouTube.
Neil, a non-licensed "normal" person stopped by to visit and was quickly recruited for operator duties. Here GOTA coach Gene W1EBR gives him the OK to transmit. GOTA Coach Nina N1COB gives instruction to Joe as his dad Craig W1ZN (the dog walker) looks on.
Jon KB1MAQ either logging GOTA contacts or checking E-mail. Kathi KB1OQK making a GOTA call as coach Bob W4YFJ checks the calls. Holding the mic increases the signal by 10db!
Melanie W1BZD with coach Carl AB1DD. Vinny KB1RRF made the highest number of GOTA contacts, but his best picture is with him working the guy wires.
Jeff N1YD and Jerry KB1KPO and their magic solar cell which made all of our power. Right! RP&L (RANV Power & Light) 2,000,000 mW South Generating Station.
Brian N1BQ with a serious run on 6 meters. Barb KB1LIF trolling for contacts on 2 meters.
Bob KB1FRW with his funny hat. Robert W1RFM in corner, laughing at funny hat. Jeff N1YWB securing the feedline.
Some of our unsung heros appear for setup and take down and are otherwise rarely seen. Here is John K1JCM. Alan KB1MDC, another one of our valuable setup crew.
The two Leaders of Vermont: Section Manager Paul Gayet AA1SU and Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie (the official acting governor while Jim Douglas was out of the state). Would you let a club president wearing this T-shirt take down your antennas? Alan KB1PNF and Chris WT1L off to left, look somewhat concerned.
WFFF Fox 44 correspondant Mitch interviews RANV FD leader Mitch W1SJ. This is what the interview looked like on TV.
North site: 4 elements on 20m in foreground, 80/40 dipole just to left and 4 elements on 15m and 5 elements on 6 meters at far left. South site: 3 elements on 20m bottom and 3 elements on 15m top for phone station.

Photos by W1SJ, KB1RRF and KB1LIF

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Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
August 16, 2009