Located in Williston, Vermont

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Set up of the CW array. Chris WT1L on the ladder with the checklist, while Bob KB1FRW and Howie K2MME wait for instructions. Chris WT1L holding up the CW array.
CW Station: TA-33 at 54', Extended double Zepp at 60' and flashing red light. CW Station looking West.
Phone station. Business end of the the phone station: 3 elements on 20m at 50' and 3 elements on 15m at 60'
GOTA/VHF Station.
Left: N1YD, K1SAH on GOTA;
Back: VHF station; Right: KB1FRW & AA1SU passing traffic on packet.
GOTA/VHF stack:
5 elements on 6; 3 elements on 20/15; Dipole on 40/80; VHF/UHF collinear; 1/4 wave VHF and a partridge in a pear tree...
Howie K2MME on CW. Doug AB1T on CW. But why does he have a microphone at the CW station??
Mitch W1SJ on Phone. Paul AA1SU on Phone for the final hour.
Grant K1KD "relaxing" on Phone, after several hours on CW! Carl AB1DD.
DJ Seth K1SAH talking it up during morning drive time with Jeff N1YD keeping the records straight. Jeff N1YD operating with Seth K1SAH assisting.
Bob KB1FRW showing Barb KB1LIF the ropes on 6 meters. Jerry KB1KPO making VHF contacts with mom Barb KB1LIF assisting.
Lotsa gain on the UHF satellite antenna! RANV Power & Light South Generating station.

Photos by AA1SU & W1SJ

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Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
July 7, 2006