Located in Williston, Vermont

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Chris WT1L running up big phone rates. The W1NVT phone signals come from 20m & 15m monobanders at 50 & 60 feet
Grant K1KD working intensely to pull in more contacts. Chris WT1L running the CW contacts.
The CW array gets assembled CW Tower at 25 feet and climbing fast
CW Tower with TA-33, 40m Extended Double Zepp and flashing red light. CW tower in the foreground, GOTA tower behind.
Carl AB1DD setting up the GOTA station. Bruce KF1Z looking for VHF contacts.
Leslie KC9CDJ assisted by Jeff KB1IWK on GOTA. The other Jeff N1YWB watching Bruce KF1Z on VHF. Jeff N1YWB setting the antennas for the next satellite pass.
Paul AA1SU seems to be stealing GOTA airtime from Leslie KC9CDJ. Jeff KB1IWK is smiling because he just picked up Radio Moscow. Katie KB1LAY contemplating her next move on VHF while brother Jeff N1YWB watches the action.
Here is a very rare photo of SM Paul AA1SU with his eyes actually open! (barely) Doug AB1T just done from a blazing CW shift and Carl AB1DD looking for the next GOTA operator.
The GOTA, VHF, Packet, SSTV and everything else station. That's a lot of antennas for the GOTA station: 5 elements on 6, 3 element tribander, duoband vertical and a hidden 2 meter whip!
Howie K2MME shows us how to relax between shifts. Ooooooh Nooooo! It's the unknown contester... reading QST, no less!

Photos by W1SJ, AB1DD, K1KI

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Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
July 20, 2005