Located in Williston, Vermont

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CW Tower - TA-33, 40m Delta Loop, Flashing Beacon and the FLAG! TA-33 failed and was replaced with a KT-34 Erection of the Phone Tower, with 20 and 15 meter monobanders
Carl KC1WH on Phone overnight Howie K2MME on CW overnight
Mitch W1SJ at his home for the Weekend Paul AA1SU on CW. We can't see his eyes, but rumor has it that he is taking a catnap!
GOTA and VHF Station with 10m and 6m Yagis GOTA station (Jeff (N1YWB), VHF Station (Don N1QKH), Satellite Station and Demo Stations (Mike KB1FUV)
VHF Antenna Tower - 5 Elements on 6M, 8 Elements on UHF and 11 Elements on 2M The Teardown Crew - Neal N1ZRA, Mike KB1FUV, Don N1QKH, Bob KB1FRW, Paul AA1SU, Jeff N1YWB.

Photos by KB1FUV and W1SJ

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Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
July 22, 2002