Located in Williston, Vermont

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  Phone station with ladder tower Closeup 15 and 20 meter monobanders on phone
  Mitch (W1SJ) and Ted (K1HD) operating 20m SSB Ted (K1HD) and Carl (KC1WH) on 20m SSB
  2.2 kW Generator powering part of the site CW station with Mitch (W1SJ) poking his nose in
  Looking up towards HF CW tent Richard (WN1HJW) and Karen mind the food stores 
  The base of the CW tower. Neil (N1ZRA) stringing a wire antenna Novice/Technician tent with 10 meter beam. Jeff (N1YWB) surveying the scene
  Satellite Antennas near Novice/Technician tent Eric (N1SRC) operates six meter phone in the VHF 'Tent' (converted horse trailer!)
  Mitch (W1SJ) prepares the dining canopy Mitch (W1SJ on right) is interviewed by Mike (W1RC) for broadcast on Shortwave station WBCQ

Thanks to Brian N1BQ for the excellent photography!

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Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
August 3, 2000