WB1GQR Hot 515 Repeater, Bolton, VT

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The WB1GQR repeater, sponsored by RANV, operates on 145.15 MHz with a -600 offset. There is also a UHF output on 445.025 MHz. The system consists of a GE MASTR II on VHF, a Motorola Maxtrac on UHF and a SCOM 7K controller. The repeater runs about 40 watts output, or 60 watts ERP on VHF and 25 watts ERP on UHF. The antenna is a Sinclair 2-bay dipole, with a directional pattern, favoring West (Burlington) and Southeast (Montpelier).

The repeater is in the Green Mountains of Vermont, at a commercial site above the Bolton Valley Ski area. At an elevation of 3425 feet above sea level and 2000 feet above average terrain, the repeater easily "sees" stations 60-80 miles distant. However, this comes at the price of accessibility. The Bolton site is one of the hardest sites in the Northeast to get to. A four wheel drive won't even come close! All terrain vehicles and snowmobiles are often used, but often get stuck. The usual mode of access is walking up 2.5 miles. In the winter, using the chairlift cuts this to a steep 1-mile ascent.

WB1GQR is available 24 hours a day. Access is via CTCSS at 100 Hz. There is also a remote receiver on the lake near Burlington which uses a 131.8 Hz tone.

The repeater has a 2 minute time out and 2.5 second courtesy time. Users must keep transmissions short and must maintain a long pause between transmissions to allow others to break in. Failure to comply will result in the dreaded time-out.

WB1GQR is on the Internet Repeater Linking Project (IRLP) on node 7230.
Dial a valid 4-digit node address to access IRLP. To drop IRLP, dial 73.
IRLP will allow only 1 connection at a time.
Go to www.irlp.net for instructions on IRLP.
Go to status.irlp.net/statuspage.html for a list of stations on IRLP.

WB1GQR is also on Echolink, on node 97406. Dial "#" and a valid 4, 5 or 6 digit node address to access Echolink. To drop Echolink, dial 73.
Go to www.echolink.org for details on Echolink.
Go to www.echolink.org/el/logins.asp for a list of stations on Echolink.

WB1GQR links part time into the Greater Adirondack Repeater Association Network, linking repeaters
in Plattsburg, Tupper Lake, Ellenburg, Potsdam, Albany, Poughkeepsie and Long Island.
This link is active at various times during the day. See the map of full time and callable nodes on this network.

Internet linking is a very powerful tool which can be abused if not used properly. Repeater users who initiate Internet linking are expected to follow these rules:

  1. Listen for an ongoing conversation before accessing links
  2. Identify before accessing links
  3. Make sure you are full quieting. NO HT's allowed for link access!
  4. Limit usage to 8AM - 11PM at both ends. Check the time zone!
  5. Pause 1 second after pressing the PTT before speaking
  6. Pause 3 seconds between all transmissions
  7. Do not engage in a local conversation while a link is active
  8. Always drop the link when done - make sure you hear the disconnect announcement!
  9. Limit Internet use to 3 link connection attempts per day

Users connecting to our repeater from other nodes are also expected to follow these rules:

  1. NO CALLING CQ - You are already connected to an active repeater
  2. Do not link through the repeater to another node
  3. Do not engage in nuisance connects and disonnects

Thank you for being an informed and courteous user.

The latest operational status of the WB1GQR Repeater System (7/29/22):

LocationFrequencyTone (Rx/Tx)Status
Bolton145.15    -100.0Normal operation
Burlington145.15    -131.8Remote Receiver normal operation
Bolton445.025  -110.9Normal operation, linked to VHF
EssexIRLP Echo IRLP system up
RichmondAllStar AllStar system up

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July 29, 2022